Boyton Marshes, Suffolk, 6 October 2011

I could afford to be relaxed about this one having seen the South Ronaldsay bird 2 years ago but a Sandhill Crane is a Sandhill Crane after all so it would have been criminal to have let it pass by!
Upon arrival on Boyton Marshes it had flown south along the seawall so a 20 minute stomp later I arrived at the spot a few people were watching it from only for it to fly back past us and into the distance to the north. Eventually and after another even longer walk I managed to get within about 200 meters of this fine adult bird. High winds hampered photography but I managed to get a few passable record shots. Nothing much else of note there except 40+ Skylarks, Little Egret and a dodgy Bar-headed Goose. The latter no doubt a vagrant from the Netherlands!   

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