Orchid Finding in the Chilterns

I intend to post some orchid finding details in these pages over the coming weeks and months. Although these will be mainly Norfolk and Suffolk sites I thought I'd start with this direct copy of a Beds, Bucks, Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust leaflet on where to see which species on their reserves. 
Asham Meads - Green winged May-Jul SP590146 Oxford OXON

Avery's Pightle Broad Leaved Helleborine Jul-Sep SU435651 Newbury BERKS

Bernwood Meadows - Green winged May-Jul SP606111 Oxford OXON

Cowcroft - Bee Orchid Jun-Jul SP986018 Chesham BUCKS

Dancersend - Bee Orchid SP900095 Wendover BUCKS

Dry Sandford Pit  - Common Spotted, Early marsh May-Jul, Marsh helleborine Jul-AugSU467997 Oxford OXON

Foxholes - Early purple Apr-Jun SP254206 Burford OXON

Gomm Valley  - Common Spotted SU896921 High Wycombe BUCKS

Hartslock - Lady, Monkey May-Jun SU616796 Goring OXON

Homefield Wood - Bee Orchid,  Fly Orchid, Military Orchid May-Jun, SU814867 Marlow BUCKS
Hurley Chalk Pit - Bee Orchid, Fragrant Orchid, Pyramidal Orchid Jun-Aug, White Helleborine May-Jul SU813822 Henley OXON

Moor Copse - Early purple SU633738 Reading BERKS

Oakly Hill Common Spotted,  White Helleborine SU753994 Chinnor BUCKS

Parsonage Moor   Narrow-leaved marsh orchid - May-Jun Southern marsh orchid Jun-Aug SU462998 Oxford OXON

Pilch Field Bee Orchid, Early marsh, Green wingedSP749321 Buckingham BUCKS

Sydlings Copse Bee Orchid, Early purple, Lizard, Marsh helleborineSP559096 Oxford OXON

Warburg Bird's nest orchid May-Jun, Broad Leaved Helleborine, Fly orchid, Narrow lipped helleborine Jul-Aug

Pyramidal Orchid,  Violet Helleborine Aug-Sep SU720879 Henley OXON

Warren Bank  - Bee Orchid SU653859 Wallingford OXON

Watts - Fragrant Orchid SU331772 Lambourn BERKS

Weston Turville Early marsh SP859095 Aylesbury BUCKS

Westwell Gorge Pyramidal Orchid, Early purple, SP221113 Burford OXON

Woodsides Meadow Southern marsh orchid SP556177 Oxford OXON

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