Boxing Day Seals, Horsey, 26 December 2012

This year we had our traditional Boxing Day out at Horsey and how this place has changed, sadly for the worse. Horsey Gap carpark is now a pay and display and maybe I'm being a snob but the breeding colony of Atlantic Grey Seals have become so popular with day trippers that it now has a zoo vibe to the whole experience. Being a sunny Boxing Day obviously didn't help but carparking today (both at Horsey Gap and the Nelson's Head track) was a nightmare and there was a constant stream of hundreds of people making their way to the beach from every direction. I never thought I'd have to queue to get along the Nelson's Head track!
Needless to say we got some great close-up views of loads of seals and witnessed a very violent and bloody scrap bewteen 2 bulls.
To escape the crowds we had a late afternoon stroll on Caister beach where c40 Snow Buntings were just north of the end of Second Avenue and 300+ Great Cormorants flew in off the sea in groups, all heading inland. I've never seen so many doing this.


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