Thailand Day 18, 19 February 2013, Krabi Mangroves and Khao Sok

The main aim of today was to travel north to our final main destination of the trip - the Khao Sok NP. This is about 3 hours drive north of Krabi.
I'd arranged for our transport to pick us up at 10.30 so we had plenty of time to check out Krabi Mangroves before we left.
Belinda and I made the walk to the start of the boardwalk in distinctly cooler and nicer conditions than the previous day noting Asian Glossy Starling and Red-rumped Swallow on the way.
This time the mangroves did the business, even though there weren't exactly loads of birds there my main target Mangrove Pitta was duly bagged with a calling male sitting still for a few minutes and allowing me to get some sort of photo in the very dark conditions. A pair of Greater Racket-tailed Drongos flew through the bushes and 2 Common Kingfishers were seen at the end of the boardwalk which is the only place you can get a view of open water. It seems that the boardwalk was once more extensive with side paths but these are now just rotting wood with the main having been replaced with a concrete walkway. Back out in daylight a look skyward revealed a flock of c20 Germain's Swiftlets which were rather educational. A male Brown-throated Sunbird was in the roadside sapplings on the walk back and the ever present Pacific Swallows were over the river.

Mangrove Pitta

Germain's Swiftlet

Asian Glossy Starling
After a couple of coffees in a nice muslim run coffee shop and some breakfast we ambled back to our guesthouse where we eventually picked up and driven north to Khao Sok through some spectacular limestone scenery.
After checking in to 'Our Jungle House' we had a short stroll along the entrance track towards the park HQ to get our bearings. I clocked up Black-headed and Stripe-throated Bulbul, Large-billed Crow and then a new bird - Spectacled Bulbul right by the park entrance. We adjourned to a cafe for a coffee where a male Orange-bellied Flowerpecker performed right next to us. Tomorrow we were going to enter the park itself and explore what it has to offer.
Spectacled Bulbul

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker


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