1st moth trapping session of the year, Pulham Market, 22 May 2014

After buying an MV moth trap last year it's hardly seen the light of day so with good intentions of it being the start of some more concerted trapping in 2014 I put the trap out last night. Almost immediately is started raining so I ran the trap for a couple of hours only (while trying to keep the bulb and electrics dry!)
A lovely Green Silver-lines was the pick of the pretty small catch with 4 Pale Tussocks being another new moth for me. Well, I'm very new to this! To sum up the catch:

Green Silver-lines - 1
Pale Tussock - 4
Shuttle-shaped Dart - 2
Flame Shoulder - 1
Treble Lines - 4
Common Swift - 7
Brimstone Moth - 1
Orange Footman - 1
Common Pug - 2
Tawny Marbled Minor - 1
Marbled Minor agg. - 1
Red Twin-spot Carpet - 1

Green Silver-lines

Pale Tussock

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