Autumn Ladies Tresses in Norfolk, 2 September 2016

Autumn Ladies Tresses are the latest of our UK flowering orchids and in Norfolk we have just one site for them (although there is another site just over the border into Lincolnshire). Sadly due to mismanagement in recent years the Norfolk site that used to hold dozens of these delightful plants now holds a very small handful. In a prolonged search (and with some directions) I only managed to locate 2. At least this is an improvement on the complete blank I had last year! The owners of the site have been advised how best to manage the small area where they occur so we can only keep our fingers crossed that the management improves. It would be very sad to lose them.


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  1. When I first visited the Norfolk site in 2010 and 2011 the plants were in a reasonable quantity and not difficult to find in many places. What have they done wrong ?

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    Dan Mitchell