Norwich Waxwings, 17 November 2016

You know when you've been birding a long time when Waxwings turn up in localities you've seen them in before!
The Jenny Lind Playground is just around the corner from where I've seen them in previous years but you can't tire of these trilling beauties.
Initially they weren't very co-operative with just 3 birds putting in a couple of brief appearances but then there were 12, then c20 and finally I found the full flock of 34 in tree tops above the football courts. They soon decended to lower level and did some brief berry scoffing before disappearing again.
A Grey Wagtail flew over but that was the only other thing of note.


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  1. Lovely photos. We've just come back from Norwich (Jerningham Road) and they are still there in numbers! Absolutely beautiful.