Looking forward to Cuba!

A very cold, grey and dreary Sunday in South Norfolk so my thoughts have turned to our upcoming trip to Cuba in early March. Now just 6 weeks away it'll be nice to escape the winter here and to fill my boots with a few endemics and other goodies out there.
We fly into Havana to spend a couple of days exploring the city before the birding begins at La Guira NP, Vinales and then onto the Zapata area (La Turba, Soplillar, Bermejas etc) for a few days followed by Najasa and then finally the northern cays of Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Caya Paredon Grande.
That lot should get me within reach of most of the gettable endemics and other specialities plus some North American migrants.
Quite tempting as I stare out over the wet garden this afternoon!

Cuban Tody - one of the nicest and easy to see endemics  

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