Goshawks, 21 February 2017

I'd not had a good look at a Goshawk for a while so was determined to put that right today. With the sun out and a very light breeze the weather was perfect at my chosen location (please excuse the deliberately vague details, out of necessity I'm afraid).

Within a short while a single Goshawk was picked up distantly and then up to 4 gave some mind-blowingly good scope views including some display flights. For a 30 minute period they were almost constantly in view! Add to that c12 Common Buzzards, c6 Sparrowhawks, Kestrel, a couple of distant singing Woodlark, Brown Hare and a nice close Stoat made for a great morning.

After lunch I went for a wander nearby and jammed in on a brief but thankfully calling Willow Tit plus at least another 6 Common Buzzards, Bullfinch, Yellowhammer, Marsh Tit, Woodlark and Siskins.

Having seen Brimstone as my first butterfly of the year yesterday I saw another today plus Red Admiral and Comma.          


  1. Personally I find it hard to excuse you. You dangle magnificent display views in front of your readers which only you seemingly are allowed to see. I think you should keep it to yourself if you are not allowed to grant others the same opportunity. Better too for the birds and their nests.

  2. With greatest respect you need to make your mind. One on hand you want a location and on the other you want it kept secret 'for the birds and their nests'. FYI - I was nowhere near any nest location. If I gave away locations every egg thief and nutter with a gun would be down there. My blog isn't just for others to read, it also acts as my own personal birding diary and photo album. If you don't want to read it then nobody is forcing you. If you'd like to see Goshawk go spend hours in the field looking like I do.

  3. Apologies - I didn't mean to annoy quite that much. It's a fair trek to get there - 4 times this year and no luck. I actually enjoy reading your blog. Saw all the wonderful places in Kent that you mention for orchids in your 2012 piece last summer. Anyway apologies again.

  4. OK, no problem. Glad you enjoyed the orchids. I do try to help where I can.