Keeping it loocal - White Stork, Stratton St Michael, 22 Sept 2017

A glorious sunny afternoon and I finished work at lunchtime.What a great time for a White Stork to turn up just down the road!
I found the bird straight away while still driving but managed to park and walk out towards it along a footpath. With a bit of fieldcraft I managed to get within about 30 yards of it as it fed completely oblivious to my presence. It was unringed and seemingly in good condition but with White Storks these days know knows! A Stock Dove was also in the field and on the walk back a gorgeous male Yellowhammer sat in a hedge while a late Small Copper flitted along the field edge.
Earlier I'd had a garden first in the form of a Willow Emerald that sat all too briefly on our statue before disappearing high into the blue sky. There have also been several Large Whites in the garden and a single Common Darter.

White Stork


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