Local Flora, early February 2020

With my walking regime in full flow I have been tramping the lanes around Pulham Market, Pulham St Mary and Harleston. Looking carefully at the verges has revealed a surprising number of early wildflowers in bloom. The list so far is Winter Helliotrope, Winter Aconite, Red Dead Nettle, White Dead Nettle, Shepherds Purse, Primrose, Yarrow, Snowdrop, Common Field Speedwell, Ivy-leaved Speedwell, Dandelion, Daisy, Ivy-leaved Toadflax and Groundsel.

And today (6th) I added Sweet Violet, Dogs Mercury and Spring Snowflake. The latter no doubt a garden escape 

Birds have been rather thin on the ground but a female Bullfinch in the garden on 2nd was a new one for the garden and on 1st one of the Norwich Peregrines was very vocal as it flew around the cathedral spire.


Winter Helliotrope

    Shepherds Purse

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