'You ain't seen me right?' 5 May 2020

A quick, dirty and unforgiveable đŸ˜‰venture to a wood in darkest Suffolk to see one of the rarest and most range-restricted plants in the UK - Suffolk Lungwort.
Known from only 3 woods I managed to quickly visit one, mostly using public footpaths. My quarry was quickly found and luckily I wasn't! I took a few photos but didn't linger despite the wood being absolutely chock full of aromatic Ramsons, Bluebells and no small number of Early Purple Orchids.
On the walk back I found a nice Blue Shieldbug beside a pond that held loads of Water Crowfoot and also had my first Common Vetch of the year in flower.

Suffolk Lungwort

Blue Shieldbug

  Common Vetch

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