Corn Marigold 'twitch', 13 August 2020

Yesterday was a day when I needed to get out to help take my mind off other things - even in the sweltering heat!

I had kindly been given some directions to a single Corn Marigold plant (vulnerable and declining) in central Suffolk so Belinda and I headed off to the site for a short walk. I found the plant with no bother, growing in the middle of an overgrown gravel farm track just off a public footpath. And luckily it had one nice flower still in situ! In a large area of set-aside beside the path on the walk I was pleased to find loads of Sun Spurge and quite a few delicate Flax plants looking rather lovely. In an adjacent hedge was some Old Man's Beard and along the path 2 Small Heaths and several Gatekeepers.

We celebrated with a visit to the highly recommended cafe/deli in Earl Soham for coffee and scones! 

Corn Marigold


                                                                                                                                             Sun Spurge 

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