Finningham/Gislingham, 21 July 2021

Thanks to some directions from my friend Meg who has been scouring the local fields farmed by her family I spent a thoroughly enjoyable short visit there on Wednesday.

There were 2 main species of plant that she'd given me spot-on directions to and with permission I could walk the fields and explore those hidden headlands. The species in question were Dwarf Spurge and Round-leaved Fluellen and I found both with ease in the 2 different places. The latter in particular was growing in abundance in one field corner and was a real sight to behold. Some curious purple-flowered Scarlet Pimpernels were another highlight just yards from the spurge.     

                                                                                                                                    Dwarf Spurge

                                                                                                                             Round-leaved Fluellen
                                                                                                     Scarlet Pimpernel with purple flowers!

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