Lovely Lichens!

With the winter blues in full swing (not my favourite time of year!) and most aspects of the natural world dormant I have started to look at lichens for some light relief. Visits to 2 local churchyards recently (Shimpling and Tibbenham) while out walking have proved happy hunting grounds and I have been surprisingly impressed with the variety and the colours. The id's of some have proved a good learning process too as I am very much a novice, albeit a keen one! 

Shimpling produced Variospora flavescens, Limestone Orange Lichen (Xanthoria calcicola), Dark Brown Speck Lichen (Verrucaria nigrescens), Field Rim-lichen (Lecanora campetris), Brown Rim-lichen (Lecanora chlarotera), Lecanora albescens, Stonewall Rim-lichen (Lecanora muralis), Flavoplaca ruderum and Crenulate Rim-lichen (Lecanora crenulata) 

Tibbenham produced Variospora aurantia, Common Orange Lichen (Xanthoria parietina), Calogaya pusilla, Circinaria calcarea, Haematomma ochroleucum, Field Rim-lichen (Lecanora campestris) and Diploicia canescens.

Macro photography really helps bring out the tiny details and colours of these fascinating organisms which I hope shows in these photographs. They are ordered in the same order as the text above.  

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