The other Fauna of The Gambia

Whilst my main focus of attention on our week in the Gambia back in January was birds we did manage a few other goodies from the mammal and reptile worlds. Several Nile Crocodiles were seen at Tendaba, Farasutu Forest and Abuko NR while one Dwarf Crocodile in creeks on the north side of the Gambia River opposite Tendaba was very welcome. Nile Monitors were also common on the coast with several in the creeks around our hotel. Belinda in particular wanted to see Chimpanzee and Hippopotamus and a boat trip on the river to target these species was a great success with great views of both as well as a pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphins in the river there. 
Primates in general are the easiest mammals to connect with. Green Vervet Monkey and Western Red Colobus Monkey are common in wooded habitat near the coast (e.g. Abuko NR) whilst we also managed Patas Monkey further inland. On the way back from our trip up country we had the memorable sight of a troop of c40 Guinea Baboons cross the main road. Gambian Sun-squirrel was also seen and photographed at Farasutu Forest and we were treated to the huge Gambian Fruit Bat swooping over our hotel pool one night! 




Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile

Western Red Colobus Monkey

Gambian Sun-squirrel

    Guinea Baboons

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