Borneo, Day 4, 29 March 2016 - Mount Kinabalu NP & Kundasang

Our 3rd day in the Mount Kinabalu area and it was up and out early again. This time Blin decided on a relaxed start to the day so it was a solo early morning crack at things in the park for me.

Stopping by the Hill Lodge area on the lower Power Station Road proved a good call with the trees there holding Chequer-throated Yellownape and good numbers of both Chestnut-hooded and Sunda Laughingthrushes in the first rays of sun of the day. A Little Cuckoo-dove flew over the road too. Up at the Powerstation itself an Indigo Flycatcher was showing at ridiculous range and an Eyebrowed Thrush was flushed off the path. Ignoring the trail closed signs I then opted for the lower Bukit Ular trail which produced a nice feeding wave of birds which included 2 Hair-crested Drongos, c5 Bornean Green Magpies, Bornean Treepies, Orange-backed Woodpecker, 2 Grey-chinned Minivets and a Brown Fulvetta while 2 fairly low down Flavescent Bulbuls were just below the Timophon Gate. I also clocked up 3 Bornean Whistling Thrushes, Bornean Whistlers, White-throated Fantails, Arctic Warbler, Mountain Leaf Warbler, Yellow-breasted Warbler, 3 Velvet-fronted Nuthatches, numerous Chestnut-crested Yuhinas and 3 Grey-throated Babblers. 

Glossy Swiftlet

Indigo Flycatcher

Flavescent Bulbul

Grey-throated Babbler

Bornean Green Magpie

Back in Kundasang over a late breakfast of chicken floss rolls (don't ask!) a Grey-faced Buzzard was soaring over a ridge plus Grey Wagtail, Pacific Swallows, White-breasted Woodswallow and Chestnut Munias.  

For our late afternoon walk we decided on walking up the Liwagu Trail and then down the Power Station Road to complete a loop. The trail was initially quiet but further up I got onto a surprise Rufous-tailed Jungle Flycatcher that showed very well then a rufous female White-browed Shortwing. Then, as we joined the road a guide with 2 birders kindly put me onto a lovely Eye-browed Jungle Flycatcher. More Grey-throated Babblers and Ashy Drongo were beside the road on the walk back down.    

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