Green-flowered Helleborine and a suprise butterfly in Norwich. 22 July 2018

Green-flowered Helleborine is a rare plant in Norfolk and I'd only ever seen them at Santon Downham in the dim and distant past. Learning of a couple of plants on the edge of Norwich had me keen to go and this morning I got out there. Despite being the most mozzie-infested place I've been I did manage to find one plant quite quickly but the lack of any 'footprints' to it has me suspecting that it may be a different plant from the 2 that others have seen. I hastily took a few pics and retreated before I got bitten to death!

At Mum and Dad's at lunchtime my first Brown Hawker of the year was patrolling in front of the house.

Later in the afternoon I had a very pleasant surprise White-letter Hairstreak in the Castle Gardens, in a small Elm close to  the bridge to the castle. A Holly Blue was also there.

Yesterday I enjoyed the amazing sight and sound of 50+ Swifts screaming in a tight flock over the house in Pulham Market.

   Green-flowered Helleborine

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  1. Hi Chris, your blog has caught our attention during our seearch for the ever illusive green helleborine! weve yet to explore santon downham but will do soon whilst looking for the broad leaved helleborine, however the records of plants in norwich are really intriguing!!! ive checked all the locations (i think) listed on the norfolk flora website - i wondered if you might be able to help us out a little further in our search. i do however understand if you arent willing to help us. either way, thanks in advance anyway. James and George - please contact us at