Meadow Saffron, Martin's Meadows, Suffolk, 7 September 2019

At the start of the year I made a 'hit list' of things I wanted to see over the next couple of years. I've made quite good progress this year and Meadow Saffron (aka Autumn Crocus) was the last of my  doable targets for this year. Martin's Meadows SWT in the middle of nowhere is a lovely little reserve and luckily Meadow Saffron is common there. Indeed I found hundreds in all 3 meadows, ranging from the normal pink/mauve through to completely white specimens. There was plenty of Devils-bit Scabious and Black Knapweed still in flower plus 4 butterfly species on the wing - Small Heath, Common Blue, Speckled Wood and Small White.  While there we 'scrumped' a few apples and pears from the orchards there. Well, they were dropping to the floor and would have gone to waste! It was lovely to note the old english varieties - Lady Sudely, Golden Noble, Horringer Catshead, Warner's King and Dumdow's Seedling as well as an old Medlar tree full of fruit.

Meadow Saffron

Devils-bit Scabious

Apple and pear haul!


The rest of the day was spent on a walk around the UFO trail in Rendlesham Forest. Apart from the odd Grayling along the forest rides it was pretty uneventful but we needed the exercise!


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