Slender Speedwell, 21 May 2021

After a morning painting for Mum and Dad I called in to Earlham Cemetry once again on the way home. It's becoming a bit of a habit! I had one particular target plant in mind and as I made my way to the correct section the noise of mowers and strimmers was sounding rather ominous. The area had been mowed but luckily Slender Speedwell is a small low-growing plant so the mowers had mainly gone over the top of them leaving them relatively unscathed. I spent a bit of time kneeling in the sodden grass getting some pictures before retreating to the dry. On the short walk back I noted several patches of Meadow Saxifrage


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  1. Reading back through one of your Orchid blogs expressing your dismay at the destruction of the Man Orchids at the RR site at Little Blakenham. Well if you visit now you will be in for a nice surprise. The Man Orchids are also showing well at the Wattisham RR just North of Bildeston