Green Hellebore in a Suffolk wood, 25 February 2022

After success in the Brecks with Mezereon the next of the early flowering plants on my wanted list was the rather enigmatic Green Hellebore.

A Flora of Suffolk records only 9 tetrads in the county where it has been found and I'd been doing some homework for a little while trying to pinpoint where would be the best place to look. It may not be a small plant but some of the ancient woodlands in Suffolk are pretty big! In the end a friend came to the rescue with some further details which enabled me to proceed with a bit of confidence. Ironically it was in an area I know quite well as Belinda used to live, as a child, in a cottage no more than 200 yards from the plants themselves! We've walked in the area several times. 

Needless to say I found a fair sized clump of plants nice and easily and set about trying out my camera and mini tripod on them. The results are below - what a lovely looking plant. 


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