Sea Radish - probably! California Cliffs, 27 February 2022

Of all the bizarre places Belinda and I had a walk at California on Sunday. I can't understand why anyone would want to spend a holiday there!

It was blowing up a bit of a sandstorm on the beach but the walk wasn't without a bit of interest. In flower I found some Wallflowers in a sheltered spot close to the bottom of the cliffs. Then, further north at the bottom of some steps leading back up I spotted a large bushy plant with a few early yellow flowers. It looked familiar yet strange at the same time. The flowers looked similar to Wild Radish but were bright yellow rather than the pale yellow, white or pale purple of that species. The plant was also tall and very bushy whereas Wild Radish is usually much shorter and rather 'straggly'. 

Reading up when I got home it appears that this was very probably Sea Radish (a maritime ssp of Wild Radish and pretty rare locally). In order to be 100% sure I will return later in the year to examine the seed pods which are diagnostic. 

Every day is a school day! 

                                                                                                                             Sea Radish - probable

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