Fungi update - rare finds!

I had not nailed the id of a couple of fungi I found at Broadland CP last week.

The first was an attractive dusky pink, almost funnel-shaped one with a distinctive shaped stipe and widely spaced gills. I thought this was Rosy Spike, Gomphidius roseus but was put off a bit because of it's rarity. Talking to James Emerson about it he confirmed my suspicions. This is only the 4th county record and the first since 2000 so I was rather chuffed to say the least!     

The second was a brown bracket fungi with a tufted hairy upper surface. This turned out to be Brownflesh Bracket, Coriolopsis gallicia itself with only 7 previous county records!

Many thanks to James for his input which is greatly appreciated. 

                                                                                                                Rosy Spike, Gomphidius roseus
                                                                                                  Brownflesh Bracket, Coriolopsis gallica

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