Some Suffolk Wildflowers, 15 June 2019

Belinda and I had a relaxing day out in west Suffolk doing a little botanising and walking.

Our walk was at my Fly Orchid site and we were greeted to a bit of destruction in the clearing where they occur. The flags had been chewed and virtually all the Bee Orchids from last weekend had gone. Presumably deer are the culprits but it put paid to me finding the 'odd' Fly Orchid I'd been told about. Nonetheless we enjoyed our walk with hundreds of Common Spotted Orchids lining the paths, a few Fly Orchids that weren't gone over, Greater Butterfly Orchids and some Pyramidal Orchids more advanced than the week before.

Fly Orchids

 Bee Orchids (but not as we know them!)

After a break for lunch and a walk around lovely Lavenham we poodled back towards home via a roadside nature reserve near Bury St Edmunds where my main aim for the day Crested Cow-wheat was easily found. What gorgeous plants these are! Also there were plenty of Greater Knapweed, 4 Knapweed Broomrape (obviously parasitic on the knapweed), Yellow-wort, Agrimony, Black Horehound and Bladder Campion.

My wildflower education continues a pace!

Crested Cow-wheat

Greater Knapweed

Knapweed Broomrape


Black Horehound

 Bladder Campion


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