Crostwright Heath Fungus Foray, 16 November 2019

After a bit of a heavy Friday night at at function at Carrow Road it was off to Crostwright Heath near Honing the following morning from Mum and Dad's. It was the last full meet up of the year for the Norfolk Fungus Study Group. This time Meg Miller, James Emerson and Jeremy Bartlett joined the fray and with rather pleasant autumnal weather it was a great few hours exploring this site which was a new one for me. It consisted of a mixture of broadleafed woodland and heath dominated by gorse and heather.

The official list is not yet out but the following photographs were some of the nicer or new things which I managed to get pictures of. Highlights for me were the outrageous looking Dog Stinkhorn, the rare Fenugreek Stalkball (which really does smell of fenugreek!) and a huge patch of Leafy Brain.

Yellowing Knight

Dog Stinkhorn

Jewelled Amanita

Slender Club

Blackedge Bonnet

Amethyst Deceiver

Birch Brittlegill

Birch Milkcap

Bonfire Scalycap


Common Rustgill

Fenugreek Stalkball

Hare's Ear

Leaf Parachute

Leafy Brain

Nitrous Bonnet

Oak Barkspot

Oakbug Milkcap

Oyster Mushroom

Peniophora quercina

Peziza granulosa

Powdered Brittlegill

Purple Jellydisc

Scurfy Deceiver

Small Stagshorn

Smokey Bracket


White Brain

Witches Butter

Yellow Brain

Milking Bonnet

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