Taiga Bean Geese, 2 December 2018

The plight of our local wintering popuation of Taiga Bean Geese in the Yare Valley is perilous. From the heady days of seeing 400+ the population has dwindled alarmingly over the years. Last year only 17 turned up and this year it seems like only 10. That seems to be the maximum count so far. Previously 9 had been reported but this lunchtime I found 10 on Cantley Marshes viewing from the usual elevated footpath off Burnt House Road.  That was after drawing a blank at Buckenham!
Their demise locally must be down to the fact that many are not needing to jump the North Sea from their staging post in Denmark due to milder winter conditions.
I was particularly pleased to see them today because, not only were they a yeartick but last year they arrived in early December and had gone again by Christmas!

Cantley Marshes held a huge number of Lapwings while on Buckenham 2 Chinese Water Deer and a hybrid Canada x Greylag Goose were the 'highlights'

Yearlist = 245

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