Tempest Car Hire - a warning

During the first 2 weeks of our recent South African trip we hired a car from Tempest Car Hire at Cape Town International Airport.
I'm not usually one to put this sort of thing on my blog but my advice would be to avoid this awful company at all costs. Let me explain.

The car itself and the 2 weeks we had with it were fine. The problems came when we got back home. Having settled the account up with no issues I then had an email from them claiming there had been a traffic violation during my car hire period and I would be hearing from the South African police. For telling me this (but providing no details) there was an 'admin charge' which they charged to my credit card. Despite many weeks having now passed I have heard nothing from the police. This smacks of a money-making scam.

It doesn't end there either, in fact it gets much much worse. I rec'd my latest credit card statement a couple of weeks ago only to find Tempest had charged 5 more amounts to my credit card totalling nearly £600! Despite numerous emails to them during which time they even sent me a copy of someone elses invoice proving they'd charged me for someone elses car hire they did not refund my money. Instead they just kept claiming they were investigating it but provided no assurance they would refund the money, only endless excuses. In the end I had to report it as fraud to my credit card company who refunded the monies immediately, cancelled my card and re-issued me with a new one. Into the bargain, they also refunded the so-called admin charge so in the end I got the upper hand over Tempest.

So, be warned if you go to Cape Town, avoid this bunch of crooked clowns!

I've emailed them a link to this blog post for their info! 

Tempest Car Hire - you are SHIT              

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