Easter wildflowers, 20 April 2019

Yesterday was spent packing for our move so we thought we deserved a day out today!

I'd kindly been given directions to the weird and wonderful Purple Toothwort at Bowthorpe on the edge of Norwich so it was there we headed first. After finding the right place I spotted them from a distance and closer inspection revealed their true weirdness! A Lesser Whitethroat burst into song there too, my first of the year.

 Purple Toothwort

Next we headed for our main location for the day - Natural Surroundings at Glandford. But on the way up the Holt road we got a little distracted and ended up having a rather nice lunch in the cafe in Heydon!

Eventually we got to Natural Surroundings and spent a lovely couple of hours there just mooching about. Obviously we headed for my target sp here first and down by the River Glaven quickly found a few plants of Moschatel, also known as Town Hall Clock because of it having flowers on each face of the flower head. This is a plant I'd been wanting to see for a while so it was a nice moment. Around the place I also identified Stinking Hellebore, Water Avens, Bogbean and Bird Cherry amongst the more common species. Butterflies were represented by Green-veined Whites, Orange Tips, Speckled Wood, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell.


Bird Cherry


Green-veined White

Orange Tip

Stinking Hellebore

Water Avens

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