Broad-leaved Helleborines and a talk to GYBC, 22 July 2019

On Monday night I did my maiden talk to Great Yarmouth Bird Club. The subject was the first part of my South Africa trip last year and was entitled 'South Africa, Cape to Kruger, part one - The Western Cape'. Despite me not being used to public speaking it went well apart from an accident with spilling coke on my bird books! Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Baker for rescuing them and to everyone else for their kind words.

En route to Yarmouth I called in to Gunton Woods for Broad-leaved Helleborine. I found 9 plants but disappointingly only 1 was in flower. I also drew a blank in some spots where there were plants last year.

  Broad-leaved Helleborine


  1. Hi Chris have always found your blogs especially on Orchids extremely informative and helpful. Had a couple of trips to look for the Broad Leaved Hellobrines at my local Gunton Wood but can't find them, just wondering if you could give me a little pointer. Yours sincerley Stephen Bowers

    1. Hi Stephen,
      If you drop me an email or a message on Twitter or Facebook messenger I'll gladly point you in the right direction. Cheers Chris

    2. Hi Chris thankyou for your reply I can't find your e mail mine is Thankyou look forward to your reply. I did find that unusual voilet Hellobrine had no idea of its rarity. Did find the others. Surprised how few there were last year found around 30 which surprised me after last year's dry summer. Regards Stephen