Violet Helleborine var. rosea, 29 July 2019

Some weeks ago someone found this plant and asked for id. Despite helping him and with no good reason he refused to reveal the location. So it is with great pleasure I can now stick 2 fingers up to him because it has been located! My huge thanks to my 'informant' who happened to stumble across it at the weekend. She knows who she is!
Violet Helleborine var. rosea is a very rare plant and also it's an absolute stunner. Completely lacking in chlorophyll it is entirely pale pink/lilac and almost glows in the dark wood it favours. Harrap lists it as rare and has no image whilst it gets no mention at all in Sanford's Orchids of Suffolk.

I also checked out the usual populations of Violet Helleborine finding 2 in one location and 6 in another. All were still in bud and some rather small. Also added to my botony list were Small-leaved Lime and Enchanter's Nightshade. Nuthatches were calling in every wood I visited!

Violet Helleborine var. rosea

Violet Helleborines

Enchanter's Nightshade 

 Small-leaved Lime

On a roadside pond in mid-Suffolk some odonata caught my eye while driving past. I stopped to find a large numbers of Small Red-eyed Damselflies, mostly pairs 'in cop' plus Ruddy Darters, Emerald Dragonflies, Blue-tailed and Azure Damselflies.

Small Red-eyed Damselflies

    Ruddy Darters

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