Some coastal wildflowers, 13 July 2019

A Saturday out walking on the Suffolk coast.

We concentrated most of our walking along the edge of the Deben at Woodbridge where it was crammed full of some wildflowers favouring coastal areas - the nationally scarce Dittander, Sea Aster, Sea Lavender, Common Mugwort, Field Scabious, Fuller's Teasel, Lesser Sea Spurrey, Hairy St John's Wort and Golden Samphire amongst others. Small White butterflies were also everywhere and the odd Reed Warbler sang from rank vegetation.

After that we stocked up on provisions and headed to the beach at Shingle Street for an early evening picnic. The habitat of vegetated shingle here is really rare in itself and holds the nationally scarce Sea Pea, Yellow-horned Poppy, Sea Kale, Large-flowered Evening-primrose, Chicory and some odd looking mullein which I've since found out are the rare Hungarian Mullein. While on the beach having our picnic we were surrounded by Sand Martins and Swallows swooping low for insects.     


Sea Pea

Sea Aster

Common Mugwort

Field Scabious

Fuller's Teasel

 Lesser Sea Spurrey

Large-flowered Evening-primrose


Common Fleabane

Hairy St John's Wort

Travellers Joy

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