Early wildflowers and local bits, 26 January 2020

Due to work and 'fitness' commitments (I'm trying to walk 10,000 steps/5 miled each day!) birding opportunities have been few and far between recently. My walk from home today did give me 2 flocks of Fieldfares (c60 and c230) and a couple of Mistle Thrushes. In keeping with their old English name of Storm Cock I've noticed several while out and about in the last week or two. My walk also gave a nice Blushing Bracket growing on Willow along Boudicca's Way. Other highlights of a week at work with sneaky walks here and there were Marsh Tit near Tivetshall, a male Sparrowhawk briefly on a garden fence while working in Burston and a Grey Wagtail in central Bury St Edmunds. Early wildflowers have included Winter Aconite, Snowdrops, White Dead Nettle, Ivy-leaved Toadflax, Primrose and a nice patch of Stinking Hellebore on Wortham Ling.

Blushing Bracket

Winter Aconite

      Stinking Hellebore

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