Great Northern Divers at Weybread, 8 January 2020

It's always nice when a good bird turns up locally and when 2 do it's even better!

I nipped along to Weybread GPs early this afternoon and the 2 Great Northern Divers were located straight away on No.1 Fishing Pit. Walking around the edge I managed to get reasonably close and both birds then surfaced even closer which was superb. Both birds were still present when I left, ranging all over the pit and diving/feeding constantly. The only other things of any note were Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Song Thrush.



  1. Thank you, I saw them today. A bird told us he had seen them and all about them as we arrived to make a video (on a different topic) and then as we left and elderly couple had turned up to see them and we passed all the information on! I had never heard of the great northern before, but they looked like they owned the lake!

  2. Sorry, I meant to saw a birder had told us ...!