Near Metfield, Suffolk, 24 June 2012

With a little time to spare before the football (wish I'd not dashed back for it in the end!) I ventured into north Suffolk and the village of Metfield near Harleston. On a first look I thought the usual Frog Orchids weren't there but closer inspection revealed at least 17 plants. It's amazing how easy it is to forget how small they are in the course of a year! A couple of early Pyramidal Orchids had popped up and it was also pleasing to note a trio of clover sp - the scarce Sulphur Clover, Red Clover and White Clover.  

Frog Orchid

Pyramidal Orchid

Sulphur Clover

Red Clover

White Clover

Somewhere near Loddon, Norfolk, 18 June 2012

A quick check of a known site for the 'chlorantha' form of Bee Orchid near Loddon revealed c9 plants. There could have been more because I didn't comb the area thoroughly but numbers are up on last year which was very poor. Interestingly I also found 1 standard Bee Orchid plant although it was a few meters away from the main concentration of chloranthas.

Norwich Cathedral, 9 June 2012

Very pleasing to note our local Peregrines are doing so well. 2 fully grown young are due to fledge any minute and were doing lots of wing-stretching yesterday as one of the adults looked on from a perch above the platform. Sadly the 3rd chick which was the runt and had a deformed bill died last night.
See the live nest cam here