My World Birding Trips

This page is designed to be a quick link to my foreign birding trips enabling the reader to go straight to 'Day 1' of any of my trip reports.

Ghana, Nov/Dec 2023 - click here

Canada, Vancouver & The Rockies, May/June 2023 - click here

NE India, Arunachal Pradesh & Assam, March 2023 - click here

Mexico, The Yucatan, February/March 2020 -  click here

Sri Lanka, December 2019 - click here

Vietnam, January/February 2019 - click here

South Africa, Cape to Kruger, September 2018 click here

North Queensland, July/August 2017 click here 

Cuba, March 2017 click here

Borneo, March/April 2016 click here
The Gambia, January 2015 click here

Costa Rica, February 2014 click here

Thailand, February 2013 click here

Kuwait, April 2012 click here 

India (Goa), February 2012 click here

Kuwait, January/February 2012 click here 

Colombia, July/August 2011 click here

Norway, May 2011 click here

The Gambia, February 2011 click here

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