Dodgy Pheasants, Hemblington, 27 October 2017

With the absence of any real birds to look at I took a detour to Hemblington on my way into Norwich this afternoon to look for some plastic pheasants!

They were rather skittish but I managed some decent shots of Reeve's Pheasant out of the 6 or so I saw but even though they were more numerous the 'Green' Pheasants (actually 'tenebrosus' ssp) were even more nervous so I need to return to get better shots of those!

There were loads of Red-legged Partridges with the pheasants, a female Marsh Harrier circled overhead and Long-tailed Tits were remarkably numerous with c50 seen. A Sparrowhawk, several Redwings and 2 Fieldfares were also recorded.

Reeves Pheasants

 'Green' Pheasants

London, 21 & 22 October 2017

A weekend in London to celebrate Belinda's 50th so no birding as such.

However, in Richmond there were no shortage of Ring-necked Parakeets about when I did an impromptu explore near Richmond Hill. A Grey Wagtail flew over Brick Lane on the Sunday and over the M11 in Cambs on the way home were a Red Kite and 3 Common Buzzards.

A week off work now so I'm betting nothing turns up... 

What a boring autumn on the East Coast!

What to say? My first blog entry for 3 weeks and still there's bugger all to get excited about.
The east coast has had very little this autumn so far although we continue to live in hope that a mega is just around the corner. Well, there's a Mugimaki Flycatcher in Norway!
A year ago tomorrow we were getting het up about the Easington Siberian Accentor, that seems along while ago now.
This week I've been working locally in Pulham Market. On Wednesday c45 Redwings and 2 Song Thrushes moved west over the village and on Thursday a Grey Wagtail was circling calling and a Brimstone was also seen.

Thank goodness for my foreign trips because without those I'd be desperate by now.
We're currently investigating Cambodia and South Africa!