Loddon and Geldeston Locks, Norfolk, 7 June 2014

A couple of hours out this afternoon confirmed the Bee Orchids of the variation chlorantha are still all present and correct at their traditional site near Loddon. I counted 16 spikes and 3 spikes of standard Bee Orchids.
Then on to Geldeston Locks where I found just a single Scarce Chaser amongst loads of Banded Demoiselles and Azure Damselflies

Bee Orchid var 'chlorantha'

Bee Orchid var 'chlorantha'

Bee Orchid

both Bee Orchids!

Scarce Chaser

Banded Demoiselle

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  1. you are right that we can find much bees in this area. however it is good place for visit too. last month i came here with niagara falls tour from new york and here a Geldeston Locks Inn pub which have Great beer, nice atmosphere and many things to enjoy.