Breckland Helleborines, 11 July 2014

The helleborines form part of the orchid family of which I've been trying to catch up with most of our local ones this year. With a free day I headed for a site in the Brecks which I've not visited for a few years where there always used to be 2 helleborine species growing almost side by side. And bingo, both are still there! I saw 8 Broad-leaved Helleborines and 6 of the rarer but visually far less impressive Green-flowered Helleborine at a junction of rides near a patch of mature beech woodland. The dull and drizzly conditions combined with the shady nature of the spot didn't help with light for photography but I did get the following shots.

Broad-leaved Helleborine

 Broad-leaved Helleborine

  Green-flowered Helleborine

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