Much closer Lapland Buntings! Blakeney, 12 March 2016

After Belinda took care of a little business this morning we headed up to North Norfolk to get her a pait of bins I'd been promising her for our trip to Borneo. Cley Spy came up trumps with a nice pair of Bushnell 8x42s which I have to say are impressive for £129! A Common Buzzard there proved useful for Belinda as she trid them out. The traditional lunch from Picnic Fayre followed and then Belinda got to try here new bins out on the Lapland Buntings along Blakeney Bank. This time they showed much closer which was what I'd been hoping for! In all there were at least 7 with a few Skylarks and c3 Reed Buntings but still no Twite for me. We finished with a 4 mile walk from Blakeney up to Wiveton Downs. 


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