A couple of new Hoverflies, Buxton Heath, 2 September 2016

I called in at Buxton Heath while passing the other day. This was an old stomping ground of mine from when I lived in Reepham and it's changed quite a bit with the management work going on.
I was hoping for Marsh Gentian but having not looked them up beforehand it seems I was probably a couple of months late - d'oh!
The only things of any note ina very brief visit were a fly-over calling Crossbill, Green Woodpecker and a couple of new hoverflies for me, Eristalis horticola and Eristalis arbustorum plus the tiny black Paragus haemorrhous. I'm very much a beginner with hoverflies and finding them tough, even with a good field guide!

Eristalis horticola

 Eristalis arbustorum


  1. Found Marsh Gentian on Buxton heath on the 12th August.Pictures here http://www.puffinuspuffinus.suckedslant.com/PuffinusPuffinus/files/9233dfc872f174d196387f4a17020f09-507.php Is it possible to go a see the Autumn Ladie's Tresses??

  2. Hi Chris gentians still in flower 9th September!


    1. Cheers Robin - I saw them there years ago and I thought I remembered the spot. Obviously not!