Old English Bird Names

I've long been fascinated by old English and coloquial bird names. In Norfolk we have quite a rich tradition and we're all used to Harnser (Heron), Hedge Betty (Dunnock), Throstle (Mistle Thrush for all those West Brom fans out there!), Seven-whistler (Whimbrel), Norfolk Plover (Stone Curlew) and Sprosser (Thrush Nightingale) but I've just found this PDF file online which has hundreds. It's a safe dowload so feel free to click the link below if you are similarly interested.


Some of the highlights for me are:

Batty Bird - Little Egret
Billy-biter - Blue Tit
Blood Hoop - Bullfinch
Gunner - Great Northern Diver
Half Calloo - Whimbrel
Hill Lintie - Twite
Huck-muck - Long-tailed Tit
Jenny Howlet - Tawny Owl
Jetcock - Jack Snipe
Little Mason - Wheatear
Long-shanks - Black-winged Stilt
Midden Crow - Carrion Crow
Oar-cock - Water Rail
Parson - Cormorant
Peckel Dick - Goldfinch
Piewype - Lapwing
Scolder - Oystercatcher
Shriek Owl - Swift
Tongue Bird - Wryneck

The mind boggles!


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