Martins Meadows and the Woodbridge area, 12 September 2020

The small SWT reserve of Martins Meadows is a favourite haunt of ours in late summer. The place has a particular 'old english' atmosphere we really like with ancient hedgerows uncganged in hundreds of years. The gnarly old orchards with traditional apple and pear varieties only add to the feeling. And, of course, at this time of the year the scarce Meadow Saffron is impossible to miss there. Also seen on our visit were a few Small Heaths, Small White, Speckled Wood and quite a bit of Devils-bit Scabious

We moved towards the coast for our main walk of the day taking in Martlesham Creek and Woodbridge. Apart from 2 Kingfishers in the 'basin' in Martlesham Creek and the curious sight of both forms of Sea Aster growing side by side  it was a nice walk on a balmy late summer afternoon.


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