The Tas Valley, 7 March 2021

We have 2 local rivers - the Waveney and the Tas. The Tas is the smaller and probably less well known river. It rises as 2 tributaries in Hempnall and Carelton Rode which join in Newton Flotman from where the river snakes northward to eventually join the Yare at Trowse. 

On Sunday we did a some ambling around in the lower stretches of the Tas Valley. Firstly round the roman settlement of Venta Icenorum, now known as Caister St Edmund. There were a few people about and after initially failing to find them on our walk I eventually located the 6 Eurasian White-fronted Geese a little further north from near Markshall Bridge. A bit of fieldcraft (aka tresspassing!) and I managed some shots of them as they fed and preened completely unconcerned by my presence.

Another walk around the back of Dunston Hall revealed Nuthatch and Siskins but little else until an alarm-calling Blackbird caught my attention and lo and behold I found a roosting Tawny Owl dozing mostly out of sight in a dead tree. 

Our final walk was a quick lap of Smockmill Common to get our steps up - here I found a couple of fungi of interest, Split Porecrust and an impressive branch full of Blushing Brackets.

                                                                                                             Eurasian White-fronted Geese
                                                                                                                                            Tawny Owl

                                                                                                                                  Blushing Brackets

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