Speaking in Tongues! 4 July 2021

An email received completely out of the blue leads to yet another rare tongue orchid - this time much closer to home - in Suffolk!

The email in question came from someone I don't know but he had been reading this blog and was kind enough to write to me about an orchid he'd found a week previously that he thought I might be interested in. From the attached slightly blurry photograph it was clearly a plant I was very interested in taking a closer look at! He gave me some directions and the following morning I was at the site. Even with the directions it took a few minute to find a plant, and then a second plant just a couple of feet away. I was 99% sure they were Small-flowered Tongue Orchid, Serapia parviflora but having never seen this species before I had no real experience. Both plants were slightly past their best too and this made it a bit more tricky. I sent pics to a couple of friends and when I got home posted them to the wider Twitter community. After several different suggestions the view crystalised and in the end all were happy that my initial id had been correct. Having tried but failed to get any access to the ones found on a London rooftop recently this was a sweet moment indeed - and my 51st UK orchid sp! A Red Kite has earlier sailed over on our approach to the site.      

After doing some family-related visits in Wetherden we ventured to the Sudbury area where I'd been given directsions to some Deptford Pinks which were duly bagged with some Wild Basil at the same spot also very nice to see.

                                                                                                                   Small-flowered Tongue Orchid

                                                                                                                                    Deptford Pink

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