Grimes Graves area, 26 November 2022

We did 2 walks in the Brecks today, one around the danger area near Grimes Graves and the other north of Weeting to Weeting Castle and Pilgrim's Walk.

My main aim was to see the rare Stinking Earthfan fungus which I have previously dipped at the site. Luckily I had step-by-step photographic instructions from Jeremy this time but even then they took some finding! When I did find them there were 5 small clumps and closer attention revealed their distinctive garlic aroma. While looking we accidently flushed a Woodcock and out in the grassy area a Woodlark was in song briefly. Redwings and Mistle Thrushes were also in evidence. On our walk I found some Cedarwood Waxcaps, Snowy Waxcaps and Orange Mosscaps but didn't have time for a thorough look. Near the car I then found a gall of the Cherry Gall Wasp, Cynips quercusfolii

At Weeting there was very little to get excited about except some naturalised Winter Jasmine

                                                                                                                                Stinking Earthfan
                                                                                                      Cherry Gall Wasp, Cynips quercusfolii
                                                                                                                             Winter Jasmine

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