Danby Wood and Marston Marshes, 8 October 2023

On Sunday Belinda and I headed for the south side of Norwich for a walk in Danby Wood and through Marston Marshes as far as Keswick Mill.

For once birds were to the fore with 2 Kingfishers seen together near Keswick Mill where there was also a single Little Egret. A Ring-necked  Parakeet was in riverside poplars on the marsh and 3 Redwings flew over. Common Buzzard and Green Woodpecker were also recorded.

In Danby Wood I found a spectacular mass of Bay Polypore together with Cramp Balls and Glistening Inkcap and at Eaton Vale Brown Parasol (Chlorophyllum brunneum), Charcoal Burner and Field Mushroom

                                                                                                                                 Bay Polypore
F                                                                                                                            Field Mushroom
                                                                                               Brown Parasol, Chlorophyllum brunneum

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