White-tailed Eagle at Stowlangtoft, 28 January 2024

Having not seen a White-tailed Eagle for some years the news of one settled in the Stowlangtoft area came as welcome news. 

So on a bright Sunday morning I made my way down there - and was delighted to find it was sat in a quite distant tree on my arrival. I watched it through a scope for some while tearing pieces off a presumed rabbit or hare and feeding non-stop. Having had my fill (excuse the pun!) I walked back to the car for a coffee and was about to leave when I realised it had flown closer and was now sat in a tree only 100 meters from the road. At last a chance for a photo or two! It was a juvenile bird bearing a Dutch ring so a bona fide bird and not one from the IOW release scheme. Also in the same spot were 3 Red Kites, 3 Common Buzzards and a calling Nuthatch of note. 

Back at home in the afternoon Belinda and I did a walk at Mendham in the Waveney Valley where 300 Fieldfares, 12 Stock Doves and the Black-eye Lichen, Tephromela atra were the highlights. 

                                                                                                                         White-tailed Eagle
                                                                                                                                Black-eye Lichen

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