The Gambia, Day 1 - 11 February 2011, Banjul Airport to Kotu Beach

Arriving in the late afternoon meant no real time for birding but when in a new country loads of birds are new so even the drive from Banjul Airport to our hotel at Kotu Beach produced some good birds for the Gambian first timer –  the ubiquitous Hooded Vultures, Yellow-billed Kites, Pied Crows and Speckled Pigeons. More satisfying were Grey Kestrel, Long-tailed Glossy Starling, Western Grey Plantain-eaters and especially a White-crested Helmet-shrike.
A brief evening walk on Kotu Beach in fading light gave me loads of Grey-headed Gulls, Royal Tern and 4 Senegal Thicknees plus Western Reef Herons and a selection of commoner waders at the mouth of the creek. 

Senegal Thicknee


Yellow-billed Kite

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