The Gambia, Day 3 - 13 February 2011, Banjul Docks, The River Gambia and Albreda

A non- birding day today. Instead we had a day long ‘Roots by Boat’ excursion with Tilly’s Tours. From our boat on the River Gambia I was quite surprised to pick up 2 – 3 Kelp Gulls in Banjul Harbour (where there were also hundreds of Little Swifts) and then c6 British Storm Petrels and a Manx Shearwater between Banjul and Albreda. 2 Slender-billed Gulls, several Royal Terns and 1 Gull-billed Terns were also seen from the boat.  In the village of Juffureh a pair of Village Indigobirds were on wires and a Wire-tailed Swallow hawked around the jetty.

Back in the Kotu Beach area were a Lizard Buzzard, Blue-bellied Roller and 2 Hamerkops.    

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