Where do Siberia and Southern Europe meet? Oulton Broad! 24 January 2014

I spent a very pleasant afternoon at a sunny but cold Oulton Marshes on the edge of Oulton Broad today and was musing on the way home about how lucky we are in the UK to attract rare birds from all points of the compass.

The long-staying Glossy Ibis was seen straight away in almost exactly the same spot as I saw it last month, this time with a Little Egret for company amongst the numerous Wigeon. What I'd really come to see however was Siberian Chiffchaff and with quite a bit of patience I managed some really nice views of 2 birds in the reeds just behind the viewing platform. Most of the time they were very elusive and keeping very low down but they did pop up on some bullrushes 2 or 3 times but trying to get a shot of them was nigh on impossible.Not that I let that stop me trying and once a couple of other birders had left I had them to myself and managed to pish them to within about 3 yards but still they refused to pose! They both looked like classic individuals to me, very grey and white with a prominent bright green wing panels, black legs and bills.

While I was there 9 Whooper Swans flew north, a Cetti's Warbler sang and on the sloppy walk back to the church I had 2 Stock Doves and a Barn Owl.

Earlier in the day while geocaching I had a Nuthatch calling in Nicholas Everitt Park, Lowestoft which I've since discovered is a bit of a local rarity!     

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